Helpful information

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So you're coming to a Downforce day. Here's what you need to know.


  • Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing. We do ask that you wear enclosed shoes. Be prepared for any weather conditions, and bring warm clothing. 
  • When driving full laps of any track with an instructor in the car, helmets MUST be worn. Downforce will provide these on the day in sizes ranging from S - XXL. Please feel free to bring your own open face helmet if you have one.  
  • Every vehicle participating in a Downforce event MUST have a valid Warrant of Fitness. Any vehicle that does not display a valid Warrant of Fitness will not be permitted to participate. 
  • Lunch and refreshments may be available throughout the day. 
  • We recommend your normal mechanic service centre check your vehicle prior to arriving at the track. It would be a huge shame for you to arrive and find your brakes or tyres are ready to be changed. 
  • Remember to fill up your vehicle with fuel prior to arriving at the track.
  • We recommend you adjust your tyre pressures to the highest of the factory settings for your particular model. We can assist you with this if required. 
  • You may choose to contact your insurance company, informing them that you plan to take part in a controlled driver training event. Many insurance companies will support this. Please make it very clear to your insurance company that the event is for driver training and is not competitive in any sense. Regardless, as the day is run in a controlled environment, we aim to minimize all risks. Prestigio Insurance policy holders can obtain cover whilst attending Downforce Driver Training Courses, as Downforce is an approved Driver Training Provider. Clients have the ease of simply notifying Prestigio of the Downforce event they are intending to partake in, to allow their policy to extend to that single event. 
  • All drivers must sign a waiver of liability prior to driving with Downforce. 


Don't be afraid that you can't cope with a Downforce driving event. We always see drivers of all levels, and our team of professional instructors will worth with you to ensure you have an enjoyable day regardless of your previous experience.