Driving Courses 


Vehicle Manufacturers

Downforce provides tailor made programs for the automotive industry.

If you want to ensure the launch of your next vehicle is a success, Downforce should be your first phone call. With our extensive experience and proven track record, we can put together a program to deliver on your brief and add some real excitement to your event. 

  • New vehicle launches 
  • Customer drive programs
  • Press launches 
  • Off road and SUV courses 
  • Road drive programs on public roads 
  • One on one new vehicle handovers 
  • Vehicle testing 
  • Internal sales training 
  • Photo shoots 
  • TV commercials 
  • Full event management, or we can work with your existing events company for the drive component 


Corporate clients

Downforce offers a unique opportunity to host your customers or staff, involving them in your business outside of the traditional environment. 

Corporate training also represents an initiative to increase employee safety while building motivation and team morale. 

  • Entertain and thrill key clients with Downforce Sport Driver Training 
  • Ideal team building exercises 
  • Motivate employees
  • Improve employee safety, especially for staff often on the road 
  • Reduce insurance and accident costs 
  • Possible insurance premium reductions following driver training 
  • You drive your own vehicles - just like in real world situations 
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Sport driver training

Get on the track with Downforce for a day of high performance driver training, action and excitement. The Downforce Sport Driver Training program is designed to continually upskill drivers throughout the day, and is suitable for drivers of all experience levels. 


A great introduction to driving on a closed circuit, Your morning will be spent driving a series of fun and challenging exercises, while the afternoon is dedicated to driving laps of the circuit, all in a safe and controlled environment. Ideal group size is 30 drivers, however we can cater for up to 30 drivers. 


level 2 

Shifting up a gear from the Level 1 program, the exercises you take part in will be more challenging, including oversteer exercises on skid pans (subject to availability). In the afternoon you will tackle more track laps. Ideal group size is 24 drivers. 


level 2 PLUS 

Same schedule as Level 2, with the addition of more instructors to allow for some more one on one track laps. 


Level 3 

For the serious driver who has driven with Downforce previously. The focus turns more towards track laps. Two exercises are run in the morning to warm drivers and cars up, before spending late morning and all afternoon driving laps of the circuit. Ideal group size is 18 drivers. 



All of our corporate training programs are tailored to your exact needs. 

Please contact us with your requirements.