Prestigio Insurance

Prestigio Insurance provides access to New Zealand's most Prestigious Motor Vehicle Insurance policy. Prestigio Motor Vehicle Prestigio Insurance is only available to discerning owners of distinct motor vehicle marque where the vehicle is valued over $50,000. Cover is also available for owners of classic vehicles older than 25 years irrespective of value.

Their goal is to provide the most exhaustive list of benefits to Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy holders and believe that Prestigio Insurance delivers an unparalleled class of insurance.

Prestigio Insurance policy holders can obtain cover whilst attending Downforce Driver Training Courses as Downforce is an approved Driver Training Provider. Clients have the ease of simply notifying Prestigio of the Downforce event they are intending to partake in to allow their policy to extend to that single event.

Prestigio encourages New Zealand drivers to enhance and refine their driving skills by working with organisations like Downforce. Preferential rates and wider cover for track and training days can be provided for drivers and policy holders that have completed a Downforce approved training day.

Prestigio Insurance is only available through selected and discerning Motor Vehicle Dealers or through Insurance Brokers who are members of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (IBANZ)

For more information visit: or call on 0800 250 600