Individual Bookings

Be it 1 or 100 people we can create a memorable driving experience for you.


Currently we do not run scheduled events that you can book into 1 by 1. However we will happily tailor an event to your needs - even if it is just 1 person.

  • We can host 1 to 100 or more people for your very own Sport Driver Training experience.
  • Courses start from $3,500, which will secure you your own private track experience.


Book an instructor for an open track day.

Why spend exorbitant amounts of money to make your car faster, when a day or two with a Downforce instructor can deliver more performance gains.

  • Most tracks run public open days. Book an instructor for one on one tuition for a day.
  • Instructor avaliability varies depending on their motorsport calendars.


If you're interested for us to create a program for you please get in touch and let us know more about what you want to do. Please note that you will need to have your own vehicle as we do not offer any for hire.