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Downforce Sport and Performance Driver Training is the ideal way to host and interact, confirming loyalty with your business

Why risk valuable vehicles when Downforce with its professional team can bring excitement and saftey to your events.

The multi level program is designed to refine car control and incorporate on understanding of vehicle dynamics.

  • In depth programs designed to extend driving experience and enjoyment
  • Hone your car control skills with high performance instructors
  • Gain new driving skills whilst refining existing knowledge 
  • Experience the feeling of taking vehicles to their limit with the assistance of a professional instructor



Get on the track with Downforce for a day of high performance driver training, action and excitement, the Downforce Sport Driver Training program is designed to continually upskill drivers throughout the day, and is suitable for drivers of all experience levels.

This is a great chance for you to learn more about your own car as you learn with our team of professional instructors. A range of programs is available for different driver skill levels.

LEVEL 1 - A great introduction to driving on a closed circuit. Your morning will be spent driving a series of fun and challenging exercises, while the afternoon is dedicated to driving laps of the circuit, all in a safe and controlled environment. Ideal group size is 30 drivers, however we can cater for up to 40 drivers .

LEVEL 2 - Shifting up a gear from the Level 1 program, the exercises you take part in will be more challenging, including oversteer exercises on skid pans (subject to the circuit having a skid pan facility). In the afternoon tackle moretrack laps. Ideal group size is 24 drivers.

LEVEL 2 PLUS -The same schedule as level 2, with the addition of more instructors to allow some one on one track laps.

LEVEL 3 - For the serious driver who has driven with Downforce previously. The focus turns more towards track laps. Two exercises are run in the morning to warm drivers and cars up, before spending late morning and all afternoon driving laps of the circuit. Ideal group size is 18 drivers.

LEVEL 4 - The ULTIMATE in performance driver training on a circuit! The sole focus of the day is track laps. Essentially a Level 4 Downforce is a 'track day' but with full 'One on One' instruction all day. The last hour of the day is spent driving two challenging and fun exercises that require serious car control skills.

Please note that only certain high performance vehicles are capable of taking part in the level 3 and 4 courses. Please enquire for more information.


Currently Downforce offers Sport Driver Training to groups only.

Circuits need to be booked well in advance. So contact us today at to get your Sport Driver Training underway.